Expositions of the Heart

A personal note from Expositions of the Heart…A book by Shawn Scott

Many nights, I fell asleep clinging to my pillow wishing it were him. And many mornings, I woke up with the pain of knowing he was no longer by my side. Often I have reviewed the transcripts of our time, hoping for another moment to say what time would not allow. However, it was in the stillness of the night, between the sadness and the pain that I received the clarity of a whisper encouraging me to finish what we started and live. It is with that message that joy ascended from the ashes, and Expositions of the Heart became a guiding light.

Therefore, I encourage you to be strong, my friend. And as you reveal your most treasured thoughts and moments on the pages that follow, may you experience freedom from pain and sadness. And when you come to the end of your journey of feeling such a profound loss, exhale in laughter, in tears, and in the strength of your own voice. It is my sincerest wish that you embrace, once again, those things that remind you to celebrate the beauty of life. I believe it is the treasure your beloved would want you to behold.

And though, you and I have walked through the fire, now here we stand, defined and refined by the generosity of our love, in a passage to healing grief. Thank you for sharing the journey.